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Madhu Sharma Latest Photo
Madhu Sharma Latest Photo

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Madhu Sharma has all praise for Ansaar Burney and Pakistan who have helped in release of her husband Narottam Kumar Sharma and 21 others, who were held hostage by Somali pirates. “I am very thankful to Pakistan and Ansaar Burney who showed extra-ordinary behaviour in release of all hostages,” said M
adhu Sharma.

These 22 hostages were released Somali pirates after Burney paid ransom of $ 2.1 million (Approximate Rs 11 crore).

But at the same time, Madhu, who is a house wife, is very angry over the attitude of Indian government who haven’t played any kind of role in the release of these hostages.

A resident of Bari Brahmna in Samba district of Jammu region, 15 kms from Jammu, Madhu Sharma, while talking to Hindustan Times said, “The only ray of hope for release of my husband was from Mr. Burney, who assured us during our meeting in New Delhi that he will put his all efforts to release the 22 people held hostage by Somali pirates.”

“But Indian government didn’t offered any support and not a single penny was spent by the government for release of my husband and other five Indian nationals.

NK Sharma 39, third engineer in MV Suze cargo ship of Egypt, along five other Indian nationals, four Pakistani nationals, 11 Egyptians and one Sri Lankan national were held hostage by Somali pirates more than ten months back.

Since then the family of NK Sharma approached scores of ministers in New Delhi and also visited Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for help but they came back empty handed.

“Omar Abdullah sent us back after saying that state government has no role to play in this and it is the job of central government,” said Madhu, adding, “If I ever meet CM, I will ask him wasn’t this responsibility of state government to take us to central government.”

She also questioned the role of New Delhi. “The central government never seemed interested in paying heed to our request.”

Meanwhile, the family members of NK Sharma are happy after getting the news of his release.

“I talked to him (NK Sharma) on Monday and he was very happy. The trauma of confining to the ship for more than ten months was evident from his talk which will take him quite some time to come out of this,” said Madhu.

She informed that it will take another 10-15 days to NK Sharma to come back to his home.

“Once he reaches here, I will not allow him to go back. We have gone through very difficult phase and these more than ten months were like hell. We will start some sort of business here because we can’t bear such trauma any more,” Madhu added.

Madhu Sharma Latest Photo

Madhu Sharma Latest Photo

Madhu Sharma Latest Photo

Madhu Sharma Latest Photo
Madhu Sharma Latest Photo
Madhu Sharma Latest Photo
Madhu Sharma Latest Photo

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